Culinary Art

Restaurant open:
Sunday - Thursday - 12:00 - 21:00
Friday - Saturday - 12:00 - 22:00


Jurassic Salmon/ smoked trout caviar/ Kohlrabi pickled in Beetroot/ Horseradish ice cream/ Green apple gel/ Country cream

Pomeranian Coarsewool sheep rillettes/ Egg yolk cream/ Quail egg/ Spring onion with truffle/ Roasted pine nuts

Salted sturgeon/ Broccoli couscous/ smoked fish foam/ fresh corn/ red pepper cream/ cauliflower assiette/ White cauliflower rosti/ Roasted yellow cauliflower/ Pickled purple Cauliflower/ Bear’s garlic/ Choron sauce with cumin and coriander


Kuyavian potato soup/ Smoked ribs/ fresh chives/ Fennel/ Potato crisps

Artichoke cream/ Spring onion and truffle mousse/ smoked mackerel foam/ Fennel powder

Spicy roasted duck consommé/ Rotondi with roast duck/ A red cabbage cigar with apricots/ Olive oil with coriander/ Shimeji

Main Courses


Beef tongue/ fresh cabbage with smoked bacon and dill/ Black lentils/ White mustard sauce / blackcurrant

Pork/ Potato dumpling/ fresh leek in saffron butter/ Pickled carrot/ Asparagus/ Roasted pepper cream/ Red wine sauce

Guinea fowl/ Loose polenta with chive/ Guinea fowl egg yolk / Roasted Romanesco/ Broad bean/ Carrot

Rabbit / sweetbread/ Lettuce with goat’s cheese cream/ hearth baked potato/ Watermelon radish/ Blackberry

Steak Tournedos with local bacon/ blue cheese/ potato puree/ Burgundy sauce/ Mille-feuille of celery and asparagus/ cabbage cigar


Cod/ fresh broad beans/ black-eyed bean/ tomato concasse/ skilandis/ creamy puree/ rock samphire

Jurassic Salmon/ Risotto with roasted kale/ Fennel salad/ Buttermilk foam/ wood sorrel


Salad with dry-aged beef/ pickled chicory/ Watermelon radish/ low-salt cucumber gel/ Cocktail tomato/ Radish/ roasted pepper/ Buttermilk crumble/ French vinaigrette


Banoffee Pie/ banana chips/ coffe ice cream / chocolate crumble/ Oxalis/ Salted wild strawberry cream

white chocolate mousse/ Crème de cassis/ Gluten-free chocolate sponge biscuit/ chocolate twig with lemon gel/ currant chips

Chocolate soup/ Juniper chestnut/ Ice cream from fresh carrots/ Seasonal fruit/ Amaranth