A wonderful wedding room and photo session in the charming park

Wedding reception in the Komierowo Palace

Komierowo is a charming place, situated in Krajna, near the Tuchola Forest. Wild nature and the beautiful surroundings of the renovated hotel create perfect conditions for the Newly Weds. We recommend our family mansion as a palace for your wedding particularly to anyone looking for a stylish, unique and surprising venue.

The Newly Weds and their guests are offered a boutique complex with 16 rooms, 3 restaurant rooms and as much as 3 terraces. The atmosphere of this place is built not only by elegant interiors designed with utmost care, but also by romantic 16 ha park with numerous ponds. The inimitable atmosphere, intertwined with many centuries of history, make this a perfect palace for the wedding ceremony and reception.

Pałac Komierowo

Wedding ceremony in the Komierowo Palace

Anyone who wants not only to find a suitable wedding reception room, but also want to say I DO in Komierowo is offered the civil marriage ceremony outdoors. The palace garden is a perfect place for an American-style ceremony in front of the civil registrar. Following the ceremony, we invite the guests to the wedding dinner or a wedding reception with dancing till the early hours, depending on the Newly Weds’ decision. The wedding ceremony in the palace is a proposal for those who look for romantic atmosphere and scenic setting. We recommend it particularly for warm days in spring and summer.  

Pałac Komierowo

Wedding reception offer

The fiancées who plan their wedding reception in the Komierowo palace are offered several options depending on the organisers’ choice and budget:

  • Dinner without dancing,
  • Dinner with hot and cold buffet and dancing,
  • Possible continuation on the following day: the price is ca. 15% lower than the one agreed per person on the wedding reception day.

The Newly Weds who decide to get married and have their wedding reception in the palace are offered also a special price list for the youngest:

  • Children below 3: free of charge;
  • Children from 3 to 10: 50% of the standard price.

What do the Newly Weds get in the offer?

The wedding day is a unique event. We are well aware of your emotions at that time so we offer comprehensive logistic support and assistance at every stage of the preparations and also of the reception.

We can offer the following to all Newly Weds who decide to organise their wedding reception in the Komierowo Palace:

  • a toast and the traditional Polish welcome with bread and salt,
  • excellent menu, considering the guests’ needs and dishes for children,
  • unique setting,
  • comprehensive waiters’ service and reception desk during the reception,
  • full cooperation with any third parties employed by the Newly Weds,
  • printout of the menu on the tables and place cards for the guests,
  • a gift in the form of a suite for married couples for the wedding night,
  • attractive discounts for the wedding guests, depending on the number of rooms booked,
  • additional attractions on request.

The decisions concerning any surprises accompanying the reception shall be made by the Newly Weds. Our hotel and every wedding room enable to arrange any attractions. We can offer comprehensive cooperation when preparing such items as:

  • the wedding cake,
  • the buffet tables,
  • the candy bar,
  • the chocolate fountain,
  • the barman shows,
  • floral arrangements in the palace, on the tables and in the room,
  • projection of photos or film from the projector,
  • fireworks show,
  • photo booth,

To commemorate the unique time in the Komierowo palace, we can offer photo session packages on the day of the wedding ceremony and reception or on another day of your choice.

Pałac Komierowo

Wedding room

Wedding room option no. 1: RESTAURANT, level 0

The middle restaurant room houses no more than 80 people in the layout with round tables and 46 people in the layout with two rectangular ones. The folding dancing floor is situated in the side room, connected with the main one. The restaurant has two terraces.

Wedding room option no. 2: BANQUET ROOM, level -1

The banquet room on the ground floor, with an exit to the terrace, will hold no more than 60 people in the layout with round tables. The same room holds the dancing floor. The room is connected with old brick basements.

Sala weselna układ tradycyjny dla 48 osób
Rys. 1 Układ tradycyjny – dla 48 osób
sala weselna układ przy okrągłych stołach dla 80 osób
Rys. 2 Układ przy okrągłych stołach – dla 80 osób
sala weselna w Pałacu Komierowo



Served dinner:

Soup:Leak cream soup with pear, soft cheese and cashew nut
Main course:
Pork escalopes with Parma ham in sage sauce/
young potatoes roasted in herbs /
salad with French vinaigrette

Dessert:Meringue chips / Basil and lemon curd / Strawberry sorbet / Basil powder

Cold buffet:Terrine made from roasted duck with prunes and pistachios
Aspics with beef cheeks in Porto jelly, horseradish purée, pickles
A board of roasted meat and pates, including porkneck, pork sirloin, bacon with pickles, cranberry / horseradish sauce
Smoked turkey breast in cranberry and soft cheese sauce
Cuiavian cheese board: Pilgrim cheese / Cheese with tomatoes / Komierowski cheese / Brick cheese
Jams: Pear / Cranberry / Nut
Salted brook trout marinated in redcurrants, served with sour cream
Three herring types marinated in spices, cottage cream and green peppers
Shopska salad with olives, feta cheese and torn tomatoes
Traditional vegetable salad with tortellini and cottage ham
Crunchy bread / Butter

Sweet buffet:Hot Apple Crumble
Oreo cheesecake
Tartelettes with fruit

Evening hot buffet:Tomato cream soup with sour cream
Farmhouse chicken breast stuffed with forest mushrooms in dry tomato sauce
Ham roasted in green pepper sauce
Cod in limonchello sauce with green olives
Vegetables with roasted butter
Roasted potatoes with rosemary salt

Hot meal after midnight:Cuiavian sour rye soup with home-made sour rye flour

Chicken Stroganoff with garlic toast


Served dinner:

Soup:Consommé from roasted duck with some Porto/ Spätzle with lovage

Main course:Beef roulade with smoked lard, spring onion and sour cucumber / Velvety natural juice with dried mushrooms / Potato casserole with pear / Roasted beetroot purée

Dessert:Roasted passion fruit tart / Meringue with Thai basil / White chocolate crunch

Cold buffet:Wild boar pate with chanterelles stewed in dark beer
Goose breast on banana bread with salty wild strawberry jam
Veal tongues in jelly with bison grass and horseradish purée
Slow-roasted turkey breast in sauce made from delicate pickled herrings (moskaliki) and capers
Roasted meat board: Beef roast, pork tenderloins, turkey haunch with sauces and marinades
Jurajski salmon in cherry vinegar and green pepper marinade
Dutch herring in red wine marinade on sour spring onions and smoked cream
Salad with baked jacket potatoes, smoked trout from the palace pond
Oriental salad with vermicelli, shrimps and mango
Crunchy bread / Butter

Sweet buffet:Tarte Tatin with pears and caramel
Cuiavian cheesecake with caramel
Coconut cream with chia seeds and fruit

Evening hot buffet:

Hot dishes:Chicken legs in honey sauce with French mustard
Slowly roasted pork sirloin in forest mushroom sauce
Cod on leeks stewed in buttermilk
Cream pearl barley with bacon
Hot salad from green vegetables with roasted butter
Boiled potatoes with dill

Hot meal after midnightSpicy lentils soup with torn chicken sprinkled with gruyer cheese

Hungarian stew called Bogracs with potatoes


Served dinner:

Appetizer:Tuna ceviche/Cucumber compressed with mint / Sour red onion / Celery / Tapioca

Soup:Forest mushroom cappuccino with juniper foam and truffle olive oil

Main course:Slowly roasted beef rib / Sauce from mustard seeds with honeydew hone / Pommes Duches /
Kohlrabis and colourful carrots caramelised with orange

Dessert:White chocolate mousse on almond sponge cake / Seasonal fruit / Redcurrant and strawberry sauce / Popcorn with salty caramel

Cold buffet:Dried beef slices with pickled saffron milk caps, cucumber, spring onion and salty plum jam
Veal ala Vitello Tonato with rucola and dried tomatoes
Old Cuiavia duck stuffed with liver and apples
Wild foal pate with sour chokeberry and pickles
Salmon trout tartare on potato salad with sour cucumber and capers
Sheatfish stuffed with spinach on stewed kale and pepper
Smoked fish cart: Halibut / Smoked eel / Salmon sausage / Trout from the palace pond / Honey and mustard sauce
Salad with quinoa, goat cheese, roasted beetroot and figs
Salad with crayfish, stewed leek and greenleg hen eggs
Crunchy bread / Butter

Sweet buffet:Limoncello cheesecake
Roll with forest fruit mousse
Panna Cotta with raspberries
Tartelettes with vanilla sauce and tropical fruit

Evening hot buffet:Hungarian goulash soup with noodles
Duck roulade stuffed with liver and wholemeal bread in cranberry sauce
Pork loin in Schwarzwälder ham in sage sauce
Pike perch on forest mushroom ragout
Potato cake with smoked lard
Young cabbage stewed with bacon
Home-made potato noodles with stewed onion / Rice

Hot meal after midnight:Sour rye soup with boletus mushrooms with home-made sour rye flour

Veal tripe

Stroganoff with garlic toast

sala weselna w Pałacu Komierowo


Package 1
– free photo session in the park (following earlier arrangement)
Package 2
– photo session in the park
– photo session in the Palace (hotel lobby, restaurant, terrace overlooking the park, Palace basement)
– sweet treat and coffee*
Package 3
– photo session in the park
– photo session in the Palace (hotel lobby, restaurant, terrace overlooking the park, Palace basement)
– supper in the Palace with a bottle of wine*
Package 4
– photo session in the park
– photo session in the Palace (hotel lobby, restaurant, terrace overlooking the park, Palace basement)
– session in the Suite with the bottle of sparkling wine
Package 5
– photo session in the park
– photo session in the Palace (hotel lobby, restaurant, terrace overlooking the park, Palace basement)
– supper in the Palace with the bottle of wine*
– session in the Suite with the bottle of sparkling wine

*The offer is addressed to photographers for individual or business sessions, to the Newly Weds and fans of photography.

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